Top things to buy in the Philippines


















Philippines is a must visit country among along the Asian countries. One of the most beautiful and has the most courteous people. Philippines consist of islands located at the South East Asia. If happen you are planning to visit the Philippines, try to check out some of these:


Hand Crafted Products

Philippines is known for exporting good native hand crafted products. Philippine products have been exported through out the world. When we say “it comes in the Philippines” you can be assured that it’s the best and worth the money.




Shoes and Bags

With the help of former First Lady, Imelda Marcos, the Philippines is no longer a stranger when it comes to shoes and bags. Marikina, Rizal is the traditional bag and shoes capital of the country, producing fashionable footwear with matching bags to keep up with the increasing demands of fashion items. For stylish yet inexpensive shoes, the Philippines offers a better buy than any other country in the world. If you’re planning to stay longer, you might want to order custom-made shoes.



Souvenir items

lots of souvenir item can be found everywhere from any tourist destination spots in the Philippines. Many of their souvenirs are T-shirts, key chains, hats, maps, history books etc.




Another must-buy item when visiting the Philippines. High-quality woodcarving produced by the Ifugao people can be found in North Luzon’s Ifugao Province. Rice granary, god carvings and the animal totems from Palawan are some of the woodcarving items that are available in Ermita’s tourist area.





There is hardly any first time visitors who can resist the tempting attractions of Philippine embroidery especially now that the barong tagalog has gained international recognition. This barong tagalog comes in many different versions, from the expensive branded type to the humbler polo barongs (short-sleeved) much favored by casual tourists. You can pick the translucent pineapple fiber called piqa as material with the finest hand-embroidery or the cheaper ramie with machine embroidery.




The two most common types of jewelry found in the Philippines are shell and silver, which it has traded for centuries. Mother-of-pearl is probably the most popular, followed by coral and tortoise shells that are increasing in popularity as well.

In spite of that, tourists are discouraged from buying items made from coral and tortoise shells as this industry is slowly destroying the coral reefs and subsequently the surrounding habitats.

The best silver jewelry is found in Baguio, where training the from St. Louis University has produced skilled students to preserve the fine craftsmanship of creating jewelry.