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Puerto Galera is a town on the northeastern coast of Mindoro Island, Philippines. Among travelers it is commonly known as encompassing the region surrounding it. While a small town itself, other adjacent smaller towns, such as Sabang and White Beach, are the primary destinations; however, all are lumped together as Puerto Galera as it hosts the ferry terminal (to Batangas) through which most people arrive.

About 4 to 5 hours away from Manila is Puerto Galera. It is a string of beaches and is composed of Coco Beach, White Beach, Sabang Beach, Big & Small Lalaguna & Tamaraw Beach. Puerto Galera is a haven for Filipinos & Foreigners alike. The cost of getting there, the accommodation, food and drinks are relatively cheap compared to Boracay or Palawan. On a tight budget, a weekend retreat for two can cost as little as $100. And that includes transportation from Manila, a room and food.


Get in

Puerto Galera is three hours away from Metro Manila. If you’re already in Manila, getting there is pretty easy. Having a car is very convenient, all you need to do is drive through South Luzon Expressway turn right to Star Toll gate and then head to Batangas Pier. From there, you can either park your car and ride a ferry going to Puerto Galera or have your car ride a RoRo(roll on, roll off) ship so you could take your car with you to Puerto Galera.

To get to Puerto Galera from Manila you can get a bus to the Port of Batangas (about 3 hour trip). Almost all major bus lines in Manila have regular trips going to the Port of Batangas. From the port, the fastest way to any beach in Puerto Galera is to take a “banca” ride (outrigger boat) directly to your beach of choice.

You can also take the early morning “Ro-Ro” (roll on-roll off) ferryboat (2 1/2 hours trip) once a day or the speed boats that leave the port several times a day (more often during peak season -the schedules change depending on the demand). But the “Ro-Ro” and the bigger boats dock on the Puerto Gallera pier and you have to take a jeepney ride to your choice of beach or take another “banca” ride to your choice of beach. So if you are not afraid of small boats, take the “banca” direct from the Port of Batangas to your choice of beach at Puerto Galera.

Public Buses plying Manila and the Port of Batangas:

BLTB Bus Lines: EDSA, Pasay. Tel # 833-5508, 833-5501, 913-1525
Jam Transit: Taft Ave., Pasay. & New York St., Cubao. Tel. # 541-4409, 924-7712
Tritran Transit: Edsa, Quezon City. Tel # 925-1759, 925-1758
Philtranco Bus Lines, Cubao, Q.C. Tel # 851-8079

Get around

At the harbor you will find lots of people trying to get you to ride with their tricycle. For a 5 minute trip, they will try to make you pay 200php, but the real price is 15/20php (one person/two person) (8th March, 2011) so insist on paying that. You can also find them everywhere in town and get a ride to White Beach, Sabang etc. At night when it gets dark, the prices changes to higher rates (for example, instead of 20php you pay 50php). In Sabang there are 3 motorcycle rental providers. For 500php you can rent a scooter for the whole day. You have to mind the local traffic rules, of course.

Places of Interest

White sand beaches and attractive coral deposits line the entire coasts of Puerto Galera. Most famous are White Beach, Big and Small Lalaguna, Talipanan, Aninuan, Haligue, Long Beach, Dulangan(Bulabod), Boquete and Villaflor.

Aninuan Falls is approximately 2kilometers from White Beach and can be reached by hiking.

Excavation Museum
Barely a walk away from the Immaculate Concepcion Church, it houses artifacts and antiques excavated within the municipality. The precious jars are clear manifestation that indeed Puerto Galera was the a trading port between China, Malay and other Asian continents. It was established under the iniatiative of the late Fr.Erwin Thiel,SVD.

Talipanan Falls is approximately 4 kilometers from White Beach and can be reached also by hiking.

Tukuran River is about 25 kilometers from the town proper. Experience the lush green vegetation while riding in “kangga”.

Tamaraw Falls is about 15 kilometers away from the town proper. Its natural beauty and pristine clear water makes it as one of favorite attraction of tourists. A recreation hall, picnic huts and shower room will lead you down.

Corals and coral reefs are seen or viewed while in a motorboat near Tangalan point,San Antonio point,Medio Island,Minolo Paradise and in Sabang Plateau.You’ll enjoy fishes of varied colors zigzagging through reefs and corals.

Mangyan Village is an area where group of Nomadic people living in the mountains of Mindoro, they’re the natives of Mindoro however now the Tagalogs form majority of the population. They have struggled in preserving their culture by avoiding outside and modern wester influences. To see them, a reliable guide is needed. Respect and behavior is a must when visiting them just like how you want people to behave when they visit your home.

Baclayan/Talipanan Mangyan Settlement-Areas where the native tribe of our town resides.

Lighthouse – located in Sinandigan, this enables you to a closer view of the dive sites located nearby.

Muelle BayA beautiful hidden hideout. It has a natural harbor where most ferries and boats dock, the bay is lined by a row of shops, bars and restaurants, enjoy the scenic view of the bay while having lunch or a romantic dinner. Get your cameras ready!

Ponderosa – located 2,000 ft.asl,all inland bays and coves of the town are easily captivated here.A 9hole golf course,and a clubhouse with spectacular view awaits you.The clouds surrounded by green mountain are only within your reach.

Mangrove Forest Park – Exotic trees of different species and where old big trees are preserved.

Paradise Zoo – More than 1,000 reptiles and other animals are waiting for your visit.Get close to kingcobras,black mambas,giant snakes ,spitting cobras and lizards.Guided tours are available at the zoo.

Historical Sites:

  • Black Rice and the Cross with two Canyons at Muelle,Poblacion
  • Garita or Guardhouse at Behiya,Lalaguna that was the guarding point for the entry of pirates and marauders to the coves of Puerto Galera



The municipality of Puerto Galera has thirteen barangays. 1 island barangay, 1 mountain barangay and 11 costal barangays. Enjoy its scenic beauty with breathtaking views, blue seas and pristine beaches.

Diving in Puerto Gakera can truly be categorized as one of the most biologically diversified dive destinations in the world!There are 37 dive sites to choose from located within ten minutes from the beach area. Puerto Galera, a tiny town this side of Oriental Mindoro can boast of a wide variety of marine life. Here you can find vast fields of corals and rare species of fishes. Coral formations ranging from soft to hard corals are indeed wonders of nature!

Watersports activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing, banana boat, kayaking, flying fish rides, golf, paintball, windsurfing, sailing, and sailing yachts and more. Equipments for leisure activities are available in selected establishments at minimal cost.

Spend your lazy afternoons swimming and gazing at the white sands with clear deep blue sea. Hire a boat and do beach hopping and visit Long Beach and go fish feeding!Colorful fishes will surely enthralled you!

Mt.Malasimbo, Baclayan, Mt.Alinyaban and Mt.Talipanan are good for mountain climbing, biking, camping, hiking and trekking. Rare orchids, birds, butterflies, insects and ferns will lure you in coming here.

Puerto Galera Nightlife

Puerto Galera is a unique area in what it offers the visitor in the evenings. The Nightlife is centred around Sabang and the famous White Beach areas with a small number of bars,restaurants and hotels with some entertainment in between the two.


This is the bar and club area mainly populated by the ‘Bikini’ type venues. Some of the bars also offer live music and if you fancy yourself as an artist you are welcome to get on stage with the band and give a few songs. The bars are closley grouped together access to them is by way of narrow walkways passing by small shops, cafes and stalls .This makes it easy to do your ‘Bar Hopping’ if thats your choice.

The prices of drinks etc are cheaper than Manila but more expensive than the provinces and are good value for money. The bars here tend to be situated a little back from the beach (approx 50metres). and are very easy to find.

White Beach

White Beach is famous for its beach parties and the bars and clubs are popular with a younger crowd who want to dance to DJ’s and live bands until the sun cones up. Althgough if you are of more mature years we are sure you will still enjoy the ambiance as there are a number of bars from which to choose.
As most of the bars are situated right on the beach it makes for a great place for beach parties and attracts a lot of scuba divers and young locals to enjoy the beach all night.

Although not as many bars as Sabang they tend to be bigger and more open and you wont find the bikini style bars in White Beach. If its young female company you are looking for then you wont be dissapointed as its a magnet for the young girls.

Other Areas
In between Sabang and White Beach there are a small number of quieter bars catering for local guests but some are worthwhile looking for.