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Boracay is considered by international travel connoisseurs as one of the best beaches in the world. Honestly, no judging skill is needed once you step on its powdery white sand and gaze at its crystal clear water to exclaim paradise!

This captivating island for many certified sun-worshipers the world over, paradise goes by the name Boracay. For indeed, many visitors have come back to Boracay year after year. Some have even chosen to live in this paradise island.

The whole island is only 7 kilometers long and less than 1 kilometer at its widest, yet all people of the world who are in the know want to cocoon their beach bodies into this Eden. Its long white sand beaches rival the best beaches of more popular destinations such as Bahamas, Fiji Island, Maldives, Palau as well as the neighboring Phuket, Lankawi and Bali.

Boracay Island is a small bone shaped tropical island located approximately 200Km south of Manila about an hour’s flight from Manila Domestic Airport. Facilities are available to suit different label of activity.  For those wanting to just lounge around and take in some rays, beach-front hotels usually have lounge chairs set up just a few steps away from the hotel entrances. Facilities for the usual water sports activities such as kite boarding, wind surfing, kayaking , parasailing, snorkeling, diving and jet skiing are also widely available for those in search of more active pursuits.

The fun in Boracay also doesn’t end when the sun sets. Boracay nightlife is pulsating with many bars and restaurants serving food, drink and fun until the very late evening . Accomodations in Boracay are never a problem as travelers have a wide array of options from budget fan cottages to luxurious five star resort hotels. Restaurants too are aplenty and you can choose to dine in any of the side street turo-turo (pointing on a cooked meal) or in the more expensive beachfront buffets.

Boracay Island to tourists is like a hypnotic magnet that lures much lotus existence. It is a big statement, but Boracay Philippines will captivate you and entice you to its secrets and nowhere in the Philippines and probably in Asia will you encounter an island as seductive and alluring as Boracay.


The climate from March to June are the summer months in Boracay, with temperatures ranging from 28 to 38 degrees Celsius. November to February bring enjoyable winds, cooler temperatures, and occasional rain showers. July to October are the rainy months. High season is from November to the end of May and low season from June to October. Windsurfing months are Nov-April, best Dec-Feb. The best months are Jan-May, OK June- Sept [with some rain], but April and May are Philippine school holidays and the place gets noisy and crowded then. Don’t consider Oct-Nov because it is windy, possibly grey and wet.


Accommodations in Boracay


Sea Wind Resort

Secluded yet accessible to local attractions, this resort is peacefully located on the northern side of Boracay’s White beach. Surrounded by nature and picturesque landscapes, guests will find this hotel suitable for all occasions whether its for a romantic honeymoon or family get together. Room starts at USD 85 per night. Book Now!

Boracay Garden

A sanctuary catered to serve their clients and provide a warm and relaxing holiday, it is also near the famous White Beach. Located in Boat Station 2, it is a perfect place for a vacation for both leisure and adventure lovers. Room starts at  USD 81 per night. Book Now!

Hotel Soffia Boracay

Situated on a hill in Sitio Hagdanm, this Mediterranean-style hotel is perched on a quiet and gentle slope that fills the guest with spectacular views of the ocean, cool and breezy wind that can easily transport one to a world where worries just seem to melt. Room starts at USD 66 per night. Book Now!

Boracay Beach Club


Offering gracious Filipino hospitality in a modern tropical atmosphere, Boracay Beach Club is the perfect place for guests’ enjoyable stay. Ideally located in Boracay, this hotel is in vicinity to White Beach. Room starts at USD 80 per night. Book now!


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Getting There


By Air

The country’s major airlines like the Philippine Airlines and Cebu pacific fly regularly to Kalibo Aklan. There is also is thirty-five minute flights of Zest Air or SEAir to Caticlan. These airlines also fly from Cebu to Boracay in less than an hour.

Smaller turbo planes fly directly to Caticlan Airport, This is the fastest way and from Caticlan Airport, only a short tricycle ride to the jetty port.

Kalibo to Caticlan

Kalibo Airport to Caticlan with air-conditioned buses or coasters. Included in the price is also the boat transfer from Caticlan to one of Boracay’s boat stations. Other means of reaching Caticlan are mini-vans, which are a little cheaper, but don’t provide boat service to Boracay. The trip takes 1 to 1.5 hours.

Caticlan Airport to Jetty Port

If landing in Caticlan, another way to get to the jetty port from the airport is to simply walk. As you get out of the airport, you will have to turn right and make a u-turn when you reach the end of the railing. Walk to the end of the street and onto the highway where you will turn right. When you see the hardware store on the left, turn left on the road there and that will lead you straight to the jetty port. Alternatively, you can also flag down a tricycle at the highway for P8.00 per person. Either way is cheaper than the P50/tricycle fee at the terminal near the airport!


At The Jetty Port

Prepare the necessary fees early. You will need to pay the following per person:

Boat Ticket: P25
Environmental Maintenance Fee: P50
Jetty Port Terminal Fee: P50

TOTAL : P125

Before entering the jetty port, security guards will search your bags. Be prepared to open your bags quickly and show them the contents. And finally, before boarding, you will have to list down your name and details for the boat’s manifest.


By Ship

If you want to take a boat going to Boracay, Several ferries sail between Manila and Caticlan. The journey takes between 12 and 16 hours. Ferries from Manila to Caticlan:

• Negros Navigation

• Super Ferry

• MBRS Lines

By Road / Ro-Ro

Buses and cars run from Manila to the Southern provinces by means of the Strong Republic Nautical Highway. A nautical system conceptualized under the term of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Buses leave from the Philtranco terminal in Cubao and Pasay city throughout the day. The journey by bus takes approx. 12 hours. Caticlan is the 4th port that the highway runs through.


Getting Around


Boracay Tricycles

Still the classic mode of transportation in Boracay. If you pay the “individual” fare, it is only P10 per person to most points on the main road near the beach. You can also choose to get the whole tricycle all to yourself for around P100. These are the same when you are leaving the island (just say “Cagban” if you want to get to the port)

Fares may be different when you want the tricycle to turn from the main road (and take you directly to the beach, for example) and when you ask it to go beyond Friday’s. So make sure you clarify the rate before getting on.

Unfortunately, Boracay tricycle drivers will take advantage of you whenever they can. Don’t be afraid to complain and find the barangay hall if you encounter any problems.


  • The fare becomes more expensive when it’s late at night.
  • The fare is higher when you get on or get off on the side roads that branch out from the highway. Take a short walk to the highway and get on there instead.
  • Get the tricycle number and (as much as possible) driver number when you encounter any problems.
  • Count your change!


In General:

Travel times will be more difficult during the very peak periods (Holy Week and Labor Day Weekend) so try to allow more time to get to your destination (such as from the island to the airport).


* Prices were accurate at the time of  publication