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Boracay Island has more than a dozen unique beaches and many coves. Most of these boracay beaches have the same powdery white sand for which the island is famous around the world. Below is a brief description of some of the best and most interesting beaches of boracay.


White Beach- is one of the most famous part of Boracay because of its 100 meters wide and 4 kilometer stretch of the finest and most pristine white sand. It is located within the boundaries of Manoc-Manoc. White beach or boracay beach is the main beach with the most attractions. This is where most of the 300 plus resorts are located on the island. This area is also where most of the night life exist. Understandably, this part of Boracay is the busiest, nosiest and most crowded during the high season. Running parallel to White Beach is the Beach Path which separates the beach from the commercial and resort areas. Here you can find most of the high priced hotels and restaurants. If you’re after peace and quiet, avoid staying in this part of the island during the high season.

Puka Shell Beach – The second longest in the island, covers half of the northern tip of the island. Puka beach is named after the Puka shell, regarded by experts as the finest in the world. It’s a great beach to collect shells and buy special shells from locals standing by the beach.

Puka Beach - is handpicked postern the Puka shell, regarded by experts as the finest in the world. To fully discern the scenery, motorized banca trips are recommended. The beach ends plunk at the Lapuz-Lapuz cliffs, on the enormousness northern point of the close off. This is the meat primitive and rugged part of boracay.

Balinghai Beach - enclosed by craggy walls of rock, is a romantic hideaway for those who prefer quiet place and solitude. Great Hideaway for lovers! Cottages of the Baling-Hai Resort are scattered on the rock cliff as well as at the top of the cliff above the beach.

Diniwid Beach – this peaceful beach is only 200 meters long and is a 10 mins walk from the north end of White Beach along the Fairways and Blue Water road. There is a path carved out of the mountain wall along the sea so it is easily accessible and quite a scenic walk. Boracay Resorts on the beach are names such as Artista Boracay Resort, Nami Boracay resort and Microtel Boracay Hotel.

Cagban Beach - is a good place also for treasure hunting: Cagban means ‘cave’ or ‘chest’ and it’s said that several treasure chests are still lying buried in the sand or in surrounding caves. This Boracay Beach also offers quietness and relaxation, away from the bustling action on the White Beach.

Punta Bunga Beach - is just a short distance north of Balinghai Boracay Beach. Many attractive shells may be seen when walking along Punta Bunga Boracay Beach.

Banyugan Beach - a very short uphill climb north of Punta Bunga is Banyugan Beach, another secluded strip of white sand. Beyond it stand widely-spaced coconut trees and flatland, ideal for picnics.

Bulabog Beach - this beach comes alive during the early months of each year when windsurfers skim through its waters. It is also known as the windsurfer’s paradise. This beach is also known by many as “Sport Beach”

Ilig-Iligan Beach – is on the east coast of Boracay Island and offers several coves and caves.

Manoc Manoc Beach – is on the southern-end of Boracay Island and is often busy with a steady stream of boats from Caticlan unloading needed supplies for Boracay Hotels, Resorts, and other businesses.

Angol Beach - is at the southern end of White Beach, about five minutes walk from boat station 3. After the removal of it’s boat station several years ago, however, and the excessive development of the rest of White Beach, it has now become the quiet end of the beach. Angol is now a favourite spot for those needing to get away from the noise, crowds and vendors on the rest of White Beach. Angol is a perfect place to simply lay back and relax.

Tulubhan Beach - is a small and quite beach with many coves located further South of Bulabog Beach. Tambisaan Beach – is a short walk away a rocky point. A small friendly village is nearby, where the atmosphere is sleepy until the southwest monsoon begins.


Areas of Boracay – By Station

  • White Beach, Boat Station 1 is the North-Western section of White Beach that is home to some of the top luxury resorts on Boracay. White Beach is at its widest, and it is considered to be to the upscale section of Boracay. Almost all of the resorts are directly on the beach, and having most services on-site. The footpath ends, and travel is by foot down the beach to get to central White Beach.
  • White Beach, Boat Station 2 is the restaurant, shopping, and entertainment heart of White Beach. There are some high-end resorts, and many of the popular pubs and bars. D’Mall is also here, a collection of 100 small tourist shops and restaurants that reach to the back of the main road. This is the shopping center of White Beach, and where a lot of the action takes place.
  • White Beach, Boat Station 3 was the last section of White Beach to be developed. Most of the remaining White Beach budget and native style bungalows are located here, although recently more upscale resorts and services have been developed to take advantage of this more relaxed atmosphere. It is the quietest part of White Beach. There are some excellent value accommodations, as well as a few of the nicest White Beach Resorts.
  • Bulabog Beach is the 1.5km long water sports beach of Boracay, and is located on the east side of the island. It is home for much of the windsurfing and kite boarding,and also has jet skis, parasailing and boating of all types. It is a 5 minute walk to D’ Mall, 10 minutes to White Beach. There are some resorts here as well. The beach is protected by an offshore coral reef. It is less developed and quieter than White Beach. “Number One kite boarding beach in Asia.”
  • Off White Beach are various other accommodations, many of the top luxury private resorts. Some are more remote, and offer a retreat from the tourists of the more popular beaches. There are a variety of unique rooms and resorts available around the island. All have shuttle services to and from White Beach.