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There are numerous activities that awaits you at Boracay Island both day or night, on or off those beautiful boracay beaches. After frolicking on the beach and have your your skin tanned, take a stroll at White Beach and be enchanted by the beauty of more than four kilometers of cool and sugary fine white sand. Perhaps enjoy a leisurely boat trip around the island and stop for a picnic on uncrowded and secluded beach.  Maybe relax  the afternoon under the shade of palm trees and enjoy the beauty of nature. And as the sun’s glare begin to fade, prepare yourself for the majestic boracay sunset.


Places of Interest in Boracay



Crystal Cave

Crystal Cave is just a few minutes walk from the Bat Cave. This one is bigger and much easier to navigate because the rocks here are not that sharp although more slippery. This cave got its name because the rocks here glisten when you point your flashlight on its beautiful formations. The view from inside the cave is just amazing and you can use your imagination while musing at the various shapes of stalactites and stalagmites located therein.

Tibiao River

Two hours away from the famous Boracay is a quiet town of Tibiao, a fourth class municipality in the heart of the province of Antique. this town may not be a popular tourist destination but it has surprisingly something to offer with its unspoiled and panoramic beauty.

Another Boracay attraction is the Tibiao Whitewater River rising near the peak of Mt. Madja-as, the Tibiao River descends almost 2000m on its short but tumultuous journey to the sea. The lower section of the river, known as the “Chicken Run”, is grade 3; the more difficult upper section reaches grade 4. The Tibiao River is a sought after attraction because it has all the classic features of a tropical whitewater river, with rich vegetation hemming the banks, views of rice terraces, spectacular falls and clear water. See the a seven-tiered waterfalls called Bugtong Bato, feel the rapids of the Tibiao River, soak in the hot kawa tub, commune with the rain forest of Barangay Tigbaboy, swim in the white sand beach of Seco Point and witness its rich marine life. Tibiao is more than just a Boracay sidetrip, discover this place and experience the uniqueness of the town that is distinctly Tibiao.

Crystal Cove

Crystal Cove Island is a beautiful, secluded small island located between Caticlan and Boracay. This two hectare island is found upon solid rock, a gallery of haunting niches and sea caves bordered by crystal – green waters. The sight of this pristine sea immediately calls to your innate thirst for things tropical, and as soon as you get there, the right thing to do is just plunge right away and bask with abandon. Other than the native huts and some islands statues, the main draw in this place is its two caves. Cave One features smooths rocks and a refreshing pool that opens-up to the sea. Cave Two features a small tunnel which you have to pass to see the coral shores which also lead to the open sea. Entrance fee on the place is only Php 100.00.


Butterfly Garden

How would it feel to be encircled by sparkling colors of butterflies? One can experience this by visiting the Butterfly Garden on Bulabog Beach. The entire family especially the kids will surely enjoy a guided tour in this small but beautifully designed Boracay attraction. Once in the Butterfly Garden, one will find oneself surrounded by a multitude of plant species. There are more than 150 types of plants in this tropical enchanting garden. And, of course, the main feature is the presence of various multi-colored butterflies. On any typical day, one will find around 200 to 300 tropical butterflies flitting from one plant to another. Boracay Buttefly Garden is located at Bulabog Beach and five minutes away from D’Mall. You’ll also find handicrafts and plants for sale at the Butterfly Farm. Butterfly garden gift shop also offers butterfly souvenirs, handicrafts, and plants at a very reasonable price.

Kingfisher Farm

Kingfisher’s Farm is another alternative venue as you visit Boracay. Kingfisher Farm is Boracay’s only Theme Park attraction featuring a typical Filipino fish-farm, a fishpond developed to give an alternative accommodation in the island separated from hustle and bustle of the island….it is also a place for a family picnic and get together or just to relax in a lush garden surrounded by ponds and tropical plants and flowers …Kingfisher’s Farm offers also a grilling area, a little store and a little restaurant, where coffee, soft drinks, beer and little snacks are sold. You can bring your own drinks, order a BBQ plate, or try your luck with fishing, and grill it yourself with your friends or family. Kingfisher’s Farm is a convenient ten minutes walk from the main road, far away from the action-packed White Beach, with many birds and plenty of nature – an ideal place to unwind and relax.

Mount Luho

This is the most impressive viewpoint and the highest elevation (100 meters above the sea) on Boracay Island. It’s not an easy climb but the view above Mount Luho is worth it. The best way going there is to hike or take your mountain bike up and steep road going north from Barangay Bulabog, on the Eastern side of Boracay Island. Leaving Bulabog Village, you will reach a much quieter world with only the chirps of birds and occasional distant banca. Continuing north, a sign on the road will tell you where to pay a small entrance fee and begin your climb to the panoramic view of Boracay Island.

Willy’s Rock in Boracay

Situated one hundred meters off shore, in the shallow water near Boat Station 1, Willy’s Rock is a castle-like volcanic formation that dominates the seascape along White Beach. Facing the beach are stairs leading to a chapel at the top, which contains a statue of the Virgin Mary. Willy’s Rock is the most photographed landmark on Boracay and offers a commanding view of the island. On the distant horizon, Naasog Point on Panay Island can be seen. This is a fascinating natural formation and It is located just off the east coast beach. The small island is completely undercut by the sea and the top overhangs the recessed base. Between Boracay Rock and Little Boracay Rocks, shells, corals and starfish abound, making it favorite fossicking spot for the local resident.

Bat Cave

Bat Cave, located on the northern tip of the island is probably the most visited. As the name implies, this cave is home to bats some of which have wingspan of almost four feet

Seashell Museum

Located at the village of Ilig-iligan, Seashell Museum features an interesting collection of seashells, woodcarvings, pottery, hand-woven articles, and traditional costumes.


Shopping in Boracay


Bargain shopping is a joy,  a diversion while in Boracay. Souvenir pieces provide endless possibilities, from trinkets and native accessories made of shells and semi-precious stones to exotic or contemporary beach wear and fashion artworks. Along the beach, a variety of souvenir shops, boutiques, and tattoo stalls may be found. Some high-end shops may be found at D’Mall.

The central market, also called Talipapa, offers a variety of beach wear fashion shops, specialty shops, small to medium sized supermarkets and a fruit and fish / meat department. Another open-air market more to the north offers also a lot of beachwear, but also antique furniture, lamps and native woodcarvings.

D’ Mall

This shopping mall is partially open air and contains a decent food court and a couple of ATMs. There’s also an air conditioned supermarket and quite a few shops selling beach clothes, towels and inflatable toys.

Festivals & Events in Boracay

There are a variety of festivals and events for your enjoyment all year around at Boracay Island. Not surprisingly, most occur during the high season. During the peaks of high season, it’s party time on Boracay. So if you want to party and enjoy live music, plan your visit for Christmas and New Year, during Holy Week (Easter) or during school holidays in May.


Ati-atihan Festival

This is a week long traditional festival celebrated on the 3rd week of January in honor of the ‘Santa Niño’ (Holy Infant Jesus). The festival presents a picturesque scene as Filipinos, their bodies painted and some playing musical instruments, parade and dance in tribal groups along the White Beach.



Paraw Regatta

Yearly, Boracay Island plays host to the Paraw Regatta, a well awaited attraction that hosts an international sailboat race that makes use of the native outrigger.

International Funboard Cup

International Funboard Cup, every January is an international attraction in Bulabog Beach, situated on the eastern side of Boracay Island, known as board sailor’s mecca that draws enthusiasts from all over the world.


Nestea Beach Volleyball

Boracay conjures up visions of sun, sea, and surf. Perfect as that vision is, thrown in celebrities, volleyball, and cold iced tea to the scene and what do you get? The most hip-happening event of the summer, of course the Nestea Beach volley ball.

The Nestea Beach Volleyball, Boracay showcases grander activities and heart-stopping beach volley action. They are usually held in Manila and Boracay. Apart from the beach volleyball game, there are also several other lighter events. There are parties, concerts and fashion shows all throughout the four day event which makes this a remarkable and memorable event in Boracay.



Boracays Dragon Boat Festival

Of all events at Boracay, the annual Dragon Boat Festival is the biggest and one of the most anticipated events in the country. It is a fun filled event incorporating the dragon boat spirit of sportsmanship and great international camaraderie where teams from all over Asia and the world gathering for friendly competition.



Other Relaxing Activity in Boracay


Fire Dance at Boracay

They say that when you play with fire, you’ll get burned, something which is true literally and figuratively speaking. When you’re in Boracay, you’ll have plenty of chance to see other people play with fire. Fire dancing, that’s what it is! This is said to be influenced by Maori and Hawaiian traditions.

Fire dance is one of the most exciting entertainment activity is Boracay. Not only Filipinos are participating, but also foreigners that are interested to share their skills and talent in fire dancing.


Some travelers prefer to bask in the sun, lie under the cool shade of coconut trees, and watch the colorful beach activities or read their favorite book. Whether you stay out in the sun or keep your cool in the shade, don’t ever forget to slather on sunscreen to avoid any skin damage. Remember, sand and water can also reflect those scorching rays.


Sunset Viewing

Watching the spectacular sunset on Boracay, well it is quite a treat and should not be missed. Sunsets on the white beach would be one of the highlights of your Boracay trip, no vacation is complete without one.





Boracay Events and Dates to Remember:

  • Boracay International Fun Board Cup (January 7 – January 13)
  • Ati Atihan Festival along Boracays White Beach (January 14)
  • World famous Ati Atihan Festival in Kalibo (January 15 – January 21)
  • Tribal Ati Atihan Festival in Ibajay (January 22 – January 28)
  • Fil-American Friendship Golf Cup (January 7 – January 14)
  • Goma Golf Cup (February 20 – February 24)
  • Corporate Golf Cup (Seniors & Regular Men) (February 19 – March 9)
  • Boracay Dive Olympics (March 30 – April 1)
  • Sand Lantern Contest (March 30 – April 1)
  • Boracay Invitational Golf Tournament (April 1 – April 8)
  • Boracay Beach Soccer Cup (April 20 – April 22)
  • Cultural Shows in various places (April 20 – April 22)
  • Nestea Beach Volleyball (April 28 – May 1)
  • Dragon Boat Race (May, 1st week)
  • Triathlon (May 11 – May 13)
  • Boracay Food Festival (May 11 – May 13)