Philippine Introduction
















The islands of the Philippines-7,107 of them- all having distinct charm and mystique to entice the adventurer and inspire the romantic. Set in the fringes of the Pacific and cuddled by the tropics is a year round of sun and fun in the beaches and an endless venture in the wilderness.

Having so many separate islands provide for an extremely long coastline length of more than 36,000 kilometers. In between the islands are some 60 natural harbors, like the majestic Manila Bay and Subic Bay-once served as the Naval Base of the United States. The paradise Philippines have an estimated 35,000 square kilometers of coral reefs and among them are the Tubbataha Reef in Palawan and Apo Reef in Occidental, Mindoro. These reefs have become famous because of its marine life the UNESCO named them as one of the world heritage sites.

The Philippines is divided into three major island groups- Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao with the first as the largest and most populated. Manila, the capital, is located in Luzon, Mindanao is the second largest island and is home to various ethnic tribes, Visayas is a cluster of islands. The world famous Boracay and Panglao Island is one of many Visayan islands and islets that captured the fancies of beach goers around the globe because of their powdery white sand and crystal clear waters.

This fertile tropical country is beset with captivating landscapes, active volcanoes, tropical rain forest, magnificent beaches and world class diving spots. And let us not forget the indigenous colorful festivals all year round.

Not only enchanting scenery and festivals, Philippine is also rich in cultural and historical heritage and Filipinos are famous in South East Asia and the world as fun loving and friendly people.

The Philippines have everything to satiate the appetite of the travelers; low cost airfare, accommodations, food, hospitality and sight seeing attractions are plenty and promise excellent services as rewards. Adding up to all this, Philippine transportation system is well-organize, convenient and affordable.

The Philippines is one great allure escape, a hidden paradise…spells beauty and serenity…indulge and discover a piece of heaven.